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At ProStructures LLC our #1 goal is to take care of the customer...you! It's as simple as that! You may call us the "middle man" but we are actually the customer, the negotiator, the voice and much much more. We are able to get things done that you as a customer buying factory direct may not. You may be a 1st time buyer purchasing an $8,500 building, where we are a constant customer selling millions of $$$ of their products. We know who to talk to about price, quality, installation, etc. and they take care of us which helps us take care of you, our customer. We also align ourselves with only the best of the best companies which helps us eliminate many possible issues. This isn't a perfect world so when things may not go as they should we do whatever it takes to make your buying experience as great as it could be and make sure your happy with your purchase. If or when those times come you know we will be there for you because "We've Got You Covered".